You hike along 400 km of signposted hiking paths to approx. 40 mountain huts. Due to the reason that there are such a lot of mountain huts, the Grossarltal is named also the “Valley of Huts”. However, you cannot just hike to mountain huts, peaks and tarns are awaiting you as well.

On this page, you get all the information about hiking, mountain huts, hiking pins, safe behavior in the mountains, the hiking taxi and the hiking-pros, which are the accommodations which are really specilized in hiking. Numerous touring tips make your tour planning easier. There is anything for everyone – from easy hikes to mountain huts to exhausting mountaineering tours.

BERG-GESUND offers a great touring and mountain program. The best: The program is free of charge if you stay in a BERG-GESUND-accommodation. Furthermore, some theme hikes are offered in Grossarltal.

Hiking on the Chapel Path is doing something for the body, the mind and the soul. The Salzburger Almenweg is a long distance hiking tour through the Pongau (district of Salzburg). The hiking village Grossarl and the hiking and mountaineering village Hüttschlag demonstrate their expertise in hiking. Enjoy the Alpine Summer in Grossarltal.

Excursions summer

The Mozarts

One certain house in the Getreidegasse always draws particular attention: No. 9, the house in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Salzburg’s most famous son came into this world on 27 January 1756. His family actually lived here for 26 years, from 1747 on, occupying an apartment on the third floor. With parents Leopold and Anna Maria as well as sister “Nannerl”, Mozart spend his childhood and much of his youth there. In 1773, the family moved to the house we know today as the “Mozart Residence”, standing on Makartplatz Square.

Ghost Mountain

An experience for the whole family!

In a magnificent panoramic location, the little ones will find most varied ghosts, while the bigger kids will find the longest slides and swings and grown-ups will enjoy a hiking and nature experience of a special kind in the middle of the magnificent mountain landscape of Sankt Johann-Alpendorf. The Ghost Mountain is a leisure and adventure park with four ghostly worlds to discover.


The Liechtensteinklamm is closed due to a massive rockfall! Liechtensteinklamm at the entrance to Grossarltal in St. Johann im Pongau is one of the deepest and longest gorges in the Alps. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the mighty thunder of the waterfall, by the lush green of the moss-covered rocks and the fine mists of water that conjure up rainbows. Set out on a walk along safe wooden boardwalks through the gorge, which takes around 45 minutes one way.
Our tip: Since you are bound to get wet inside the Liechteinsteinklamm, we recommend saving this trip for a day when the weather is not quite so marvelous. Unless, of course, you are looking for a pleasant way to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

The Ice Cave

The Eisriesenwelt is a cave labyrinth with a total length of more than 40 kilometers. It was created over a very long time period. The first cracks and fissures in the limestone caves began to form during tectonic elevations about 100 million years ago.

Chemical dissolution processes and water erosion across the millennia caused the subterranean cracks to increase, leading to the development of immense hollow spaces.

Alpine caves are in a development process even today, even if many cave systems – including large sections of the Eisriesenwelt – are no longer changing significantly due to dehydration.

Fortress Hohen-Salzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg is a real eye-catcher over the Baroque towers of the city. Always a visible landmark, the castle is an unmistakable part of the world-famous Salzburg silhouette. Looking mighty from afar, visitors experience its history first hand behind its thick walls.

Castle Mauterndorf

Centuries ago, the sundial above the Mauterndorf castle gate greeted merchants, scoundrels and travelers on their way through the Lungau. Where it was once said “Open your bag and pay the toll”, visitors now plunge deep into the Middle Ages.

Fortress Hohenwerfen

A breezy experience awaits you at the over 900-year-old Hohenwerfen Fortress in the Salzburg Pongau. On the steep peak, high above the Salzach valley, the gentle breeze from the surrounding mountains caresses your face while peeking through the embrasures.