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Active in summer

Mountainbike und Rad


Mountain bikers and cyclists are greeted in Grosarltal by 16 marked MTB trails, ranging in difficulty and with elevation gains between 300 and 1,000 vertical meters depending on the tour.

In total, Grossarltal offers over 140 km of posted, clearly marked mountain-bike trails, which adds up to some 13,000 vertical meters.

Singletrail Großarltal


You go up by cable cars (Hochbrandbahn). From the mountain station of the Hochbrandbahn a new 3.3 km single trailleads downhill through forests and meadows until the valley station of the Hochbrandbahn. Every biker can enjoy the flow trail. Also, untrained biker have the possibility riding down the trail. You don’t want to miss this trail? Then pump air in the tire, oil the chain and go riding!



In June 2010, a new 36,000 m² recreation center was opened in Grossarl. It offers the following opportunities for sports and recreation:

Aquatic center with 4 different pools, Beach-volleyball court, Mini golf, Tennis courts, Street-soccer courts, Soccer pitch with synthetic surface, Adventure playground „Rucki-Zucki´s Gaudi-Alm“

Schwimmen & Wellness


You can swim at the open-air pool located at the Grossarl recreation center (opened in summer if the weather is good from 9 a. m. to 7.30 p. m.). And if ever the sun decides to hide behind the clouds, you can also make use of hotel indoor pools. That also goes for people who are not guests of the actual hotel. The following hotel indoor pools are available to you:

E-Trial Park


In the new E-Trial Park directly at the mountain station of the 8er Hochbrandbahn (cable cars), you can turn your own rounds with special E-Trial bikes from the brand OSET. Braking, starting, balancing – that’s what the E-Trial Park is all about. The latest models and all sizes of OSET Trial Bikes are available. The Zapfenhütte is a good stopover.



Where normally you would see golden eagles and paragliders circling overhead, you might also catch sight of imposing remote-control planes patrolling the skies.
With wingspans of as much as 7 meters, these impressive models barely differ from their full-size prototypes in terms of form and functionality.

Active in winter



One sledding hill is located next to Hotel Lammwirt. This natural run is around 3 km long and promises lots of sledding enjoyment for the whole family. And there is no traffic to worry about! The sled run next to Hotel Lammwirt is exciting and filled with variety.

That said, they have made sure it’s also child- and family-friendly. Please sled carefully, though, and look out for obstacles ahead of you, allowing yourself plenty of time to brake.



Known as the “Valley of Mountain Huts” in summer, Grossarltal may fairly be called the “Valley of Ski Tours” in winter. Away from the busy pistes, countless remote mountaintops also await you in and around the towns of Grossarl and Hüttschlag.

Numerous tours of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty invite you to enjoy the snowy hillsides, glistening ice crystals and warming rays of radiant sunshine. What more could a ski tourer ever wish for?



Pure nostalgia and romance: Snuggled into the back of a horse-drawn sleigh under warm blankets, gliding through the picturesque countryside and enjoying the magic of this unique alpine world. Feeling the peace that surrounds you. The only things that disturb the silence are the runners of the sleigh slicing across the snow, the snorting of the horses, the commands from the carriage driver and the jingle of sleigh bells. Take a sleigh ride to the Hüttschlag valley head or enjoy a relaxing tour of Grossarl itself.



Accompanied by a professional tandem pilot, soar over Grossarltal and enjoy the marvelous views from a bird’s-eye perspective. If you wish, your pilot might also throw in the occasional acrobatic maneuver, too. You will begin your tandem flight from a scenic plateau at around 1,850 m above sea level, right next to the mountain terminal of the Panorama Lift. Just a short run-up and you will find yourself gliding through the skies above Grossarl’s mountain world. Tandem flights are possible year-round and you don’t need any prior experience. You’ll simply fly away.



You can enjoy cross-country skiing on around 25 km of tracked trails in Grossarl and Hüttschlag. For the most part, the trails in our region are tracked for classicas well as “skating” technique.

If the snowfall is ever not as abundant as we would like, Grossarltal has a solution: About 2 hectares of the trail at the “Reitwiese” in Grossarl also have snowmaking capability, providing both beautiful XC loops as well as an ideal practice areafor beginners, advanced skiers as well as the up-and-coming cross-country stars of tomorrow.



Would you like to trudge through our snowy winter countryside? If so, around 35 km of cleared winter hiking pathsawait you in Grossarl and Hüttschlag.

Some take you alongside the stream, others uphill to farmhouses higher on the mountains. When you are ready to drop back down to the valley, your return trip often goes quite a bit faster.

If you didn’t accidentally leave your sled at home, why not end your walk with a fun sled ride? Please note: We are not liable for any accidents!

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